How is Television (TV) Bad for your children?

Watching TV has proven to be both good and bad for us. There are many shows on television that are quite good for us and our kids, while there are also many shows that have damaging and bad consequences for us or our kids. If you or your kids watch TV, you should know that there some shows that are very disturbing and can have diverse effects on a person’s mental health and personality. Here are a few things you should know about TV before watching it or letting your family watch it.

• Violence

The violence that is shown on television programmes has various horrifying effects on the viewer’s real life. There are many children and families watching TV programmes that contain violence in different forms as we breathe. Violence on television causes nightmares and sometimes acting out in the real life. This includes any type of violence shown on TV taking from wild life shows to family problems serials.

• Shows containing sexual scenes

You should be careful that children are not exposed to shows that contain sexual scenes. Sex is not an understood concept by children, which is why if a child watches a show with a lot of sexual content, things become quite complicated for them. This can make the child sexually active at a very young age.

• Fear

Children should not be exposed to TV shows that contain war, terrorism, death and other fearful things they can have problems in the future. Scary and horror TV shows can disturb the child’s mind and causes the child to have nightmares and even long term problems. You should not let TV be your child’s educator.

• Separation of fact from fiction

By letting your children watch wrong TV shows, you are allowing them to create a different world of fiction for themselves.   They might believe in things that are there on TV. They might not necessarily be good things like heaven. Make sure that your children watch the right TV shows and explain to them that what they see is not real and its only purpose is for their entertainment.

• Stupidity

TV shows censors many parts of the reality. For example you will see people doing stupid and daring things but they will be ok, which is not true. There could be misconception in what are the consequences.





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