How has technology changed our lives?

Technology has drastically changed the lives of Human race that is something that cannot be argued about. But how this happened is quite interesting as a topic of discussion. Technology has been there for quite a while now and we have all witnessed its growth. We all have seen technology fail and succeed and in many ways it has certainly made our lives better. We all have had our fun with it, praised it, yelled at it, and fixed its problems while it is down. If you think of it sometimes we even treat technology as a family member and we way too dependent on it as it has made our lives much easier and us much lazier. There are various hectic procedures that we do not have to go through because of technology. For example we do not have to send letters through postal services; book vacations through travel agents, shopping in stores, going to library for research and waiting for photos to be developed a small part of the contribution of technology to mankind.

Once a technology is introduced it takes years for it to finds it’s place in the society and become perfect. Mostly technology has done us more well than harm. However we are majorly dependent and affected by technology changes. These changes affect our day to day lives which are not exactly good for us. Here are some of the most important inventions of technology that drastically changed the lives of mankind and keep improving and changing day by day: –

  •  Computer
  • Internet
  • Mobile Phones
  • iPod
  • Washing Machine
  • Debit Cards
  • Digital Cameras
  • Contact lens
  • Satellite TV
  • DVD

If we look back in time and know the history of mankind, we realize the difference between the normal lives of a today person with a person from the past. It cannot be said that it was bad before as many things had to be done manually because of lack of technology. In the olden days people were just not aware of what technology was, how much simpler life could be and the only way to get things done was the physical work and everyone was ok with it as there was no other way.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world” – Albert Einstein




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