How Facebook Ads work

Have you ever wondered why and how Facebook ads know so much about you? Well that is why Facebook Ads are one of the best and most exciting modes of marketing. Facebook ads are provided to each person differently and they are marketed based on the information provided by the user on the profile. This information includes gender, age, college, marital status, favorite books, favorite movies, TV shows, liked pages and even status updates. This is what makes Facebook ads so different and probably superior to other online paid advertising programs such as Google AdWords.

By using Google AdWords you can target the users by exactly what they want and what they are searching or looking for which is based on the information from the search queries they type into Google. But through Facebook ads you can target them by who they actually are using the information provided by the users themselves.

You cannot really compare the two modes of advertising as one is not better than the other, but they are just different in the way and the process of reaching the users. It highly depends on your business to see which is better for your business.  For example if your business is a type that it is very difficult to find keywords for then Facebook ads are just the thing for you. You can reach your target by people’s professions, colleges, degrees etc.

Here are some of the advantages of Facebook Marketing: –

  • There are about 800 million users on Facebook, half of whom log in every day and spend about half an hour on Facebook viewing different pages. There are no other sites available that can match such number of viewers and visitors.
  • Advertising is the main source of income for Facebook so they make sure that these ads are more and more attractive and profitable.
  • There is a low click cost on Facebook.

Here are the disadvantages of Facebook Marketing: –

  • No conversion tracking
  • Inconsistent ad approval
  • Difficult determination of best results
  • Delayed and unorganized reporting data

However all these problems are going to be fixed sooner or later, so Facebook ads according to me is one of the best modes of marketing.



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