How Cell Phones Help in Building Relationships

We all yearn to have a connection with those we care about. Many regard it as disruptive and destructive in respect to relationships and time in todays, world. Yet studies reveal a completely and totally different outlook of it. It happens very often that you forget your cell phone at home, and thus once you are out, are feeling lost and incomplete without that small device in your hand or pocket. Such has become the advantage of cell phones in our lives. It cannot be called an addiction. It is simply the necessity of a cell phone we feel in today’s world. It is more of a need than any luxury or interest. Cell phones affect our lives in a great manner, both in the positive and negative way. Yet, when it comes to advantages, especially in communication and building stronger relationships, the list does not end.

The first step towards building relationships is to know how to talk. The more we talk, the more we learn how to talk and that is how our communication skills get better. This in turn helps in interacting with people in a better way, and with time we start relating to people in a much efficient manner. Also, parents are constantly in touch with their kids through phones. Just imagine a world where your parents had no idea what you were doing on this earth and ruin things for you once you were backing home. Cell phone helps removing this problem by keeping parents up to date of their child’s security, thus not ruining and destroying the relationship between a parent and a child, as parents always feel a sense of security and joyousness once they know that their kid is safe and sound.

Nowadays, cell phones are not just phone calls; they’re about messaging, video, songs, games, alarm clock, notes, calendar, reminder, etc. all the above aspects like messaging and sharing of videos, songs and various other media entertainment enhance a relationship between people in a much better and sober manner. With the help of such tools in a cell phone, one stays in touch with their loved ones all throughout and whenever they feel like. Not only staying in touch, but two people can get rid of their loneliness and have fun over such media entertainment over the phones like sharing of videos, songs, or playing games. Also, nothing more than a cell phone comes to your rescue in the case of an emergency. You are driving along the freeway and the vehicle jams and right there your phone stays with you for the rescue. In an kind of emergency or trouble, the cell phone acts as a medium to get you through the person you need the most in that particular situation, thus enhancing the relationship between you and the person who acts as your savior in that situation. Stay connected anytime and anywhere. The most basic benefit of a cell phone for which most of us use it is that we can stay connected with our loved ones in any part of the world and anytime. Gone are the days when we used to stand in queues to make an STD or ISD calls. This service available in cell phones help people in a very great deal and is one of the most sought after service, as it helps in the sustainability of relationships to an immensely large extent.

Hence, cell phones do have their own cons too, but when it comes to the enhancement of relationship, it has done a great deal of advantage to people all across the globe and surely has a long way to go by attaching itself to people’s emotions and value in the everyday life.



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