Hot Hairstyles for Guys

Hot Hair StyleHairstyles they can be quite a debate. It can be confusing at times for people to choose their hairstyles. This article is very helpful and important. Thus by reading this one can decide what cool hair dos one can do to look like any other film star such as Salman Khan or Shah Rukh Khan also known as Bad shah Khan.

Straight Hair
Every person wants nice long silky hair. The real question is that “does everyone have what it takes?” Times are changing and if a person wants long straight hair, he can have it. One should grow his hair till his/her shoulders and then go for rebonding. There is also various hair straightening products that are available at the markets. If you go to the hair cutting salon you can have silky smooth straight hair in minutes!

Spiked Hair
Spikes are the most popular hair dos these days. Everyone from models to school kids is sporting the spiky look. It makes you look cool and fashionable. It does not take a lot of time and it can also be done with short hair. It is highly popular with teenage boys. It is very easy to do. Just get hair Gel or Wax and rub it in your hair and spike it up. Work on it till it’s perfect.

The ultimate seasoned rock star look is the pony tail. The biggest stars of bollywood like Amitabh Bacchan ‘Big B’ and Shah Rukh Khan ‘SRK’ sport this look proudly. Big B had sported his cool dude look in Chini Kum.If you want to look stylish then gelled hair with a pony tail is the real deal. You can also couple that up with a nice t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. It is the current trend to part your hair from the middle and tie it up.

Crew Cut
This look is probably what the Indian army sports along with their smart outfits and bravery. So if you want the ultimate commando army look then you know what to do. Crew Cut! If one’s life is busy or he is a sportsperson then this is the best look as no comb or gel is required. It also suits people with a perfectly oval shape. It looks hot as well as cute.

Bangs are stylish haircuts that are always fashionable. It is mostly recommended for young people; older people may or may not look good in this hairstyle. Young people will always look good with bangs. With bangs a certain amount of hair falls on your forehead. A lot of haircuts will go out of fashion but bangs will always stay in fashion. It helps you look very fashionable with hair falling on the forehead.

Few Hair tips for men:

  • Use good hair gels and mousse and hair spray
  • Washing your hair is not bad but thrice a week is essential to maintain the hair content.
  • Use safe hair colors.
  • Get your haircut from a trained professional barber.



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