Honey Facts: You Must Know Before Consuming

Honeys! just the name gives you a delicious and mouth watering taste but stop yourself and read further. Have you ever wondered how this delicious honey is produced and is it safe to consume? It is not as good as you think. It is shocking.  Actually honey is good for the companies who are making money but neither for you nor for those tiny creatures (bees) that put their hard work to make honey. Bees travel 75000 miles to gather enough pollen to produce just one pound of honey and what they get in return, slavery and ill treatment.  I tell you how?

Why honey is not good for you?

1.     The centre for science and environment (CSE) has found antibiotic contamination in all top brands of honey produced within the country or imported. It includes Dabur, Baidyanath, Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali’s Ayurveda, Khadi, Himalaya, etc. Most of them are leading honey producers in India.

2.     The CSE told in its report that high level of antibiotics like banned chloramphenicol to ciprofloxacin and erythromycin are found in the honey. Long term exposure to these antibiotics can develop serious health problems along with antibiotic resistance.

3.     If you think imported honey is good than let me tell you that two big brands Capilano from Australia and Nectaflor from Switzerland have high levels of antibiotics as tested by CSE that is certainly banned in their own country.

4.     The honey found unfit to consume in the origin country is sold in India. Is it enough to wake you up or you want more facts?

5.      Beekeepers use synthetic pesticides and antibiotics to combat pests that can lead to toxicological hazards to beekeepers and bees and increases the risk of honey contamination.

6.     Not eating honey is not that difficult as the alternatives are available in the market like barley malt, sorghum(similar in taste as molasses), black strap molasses, fruits and fruit juices, brown rice syrup, dates and sucanat ( granulated sugarcane),etc.

7.     The EU had banned Indian honey from entering in its 27 member countries because the consignment was contaminated with antibiotics and heavy metals.

8.     Last but not the least loads of violence involved in honey production. If you feel it is ok for you to slaughter the tiny breathing creatures to satisfy your taste bud then go ahead.

Why honey production for us is not favourable for bees?

1.     Artificial insemination: The queen bees are artificially inseminated with sperm obtained from decapitated bees. The queen bees are slaughtered every two years as their egg producing ability declines over a period of time.

2.     Artificial food: The bees are fed artificial pollen substitute and white sugar syrup to replace the honey that can lead to lower productivity and less lifespan.

3.     Pesticides: Pesticides used to keep pests away from bees can lead to toxicological hazards to bees.

4.     Huge transportation: Bees are sold worldwide and they have to travel long distances by air, rail or roads. In this process lots of bees die due to suffocation in their packaging, stress, overheating or cold. They are treated mercilessly.

5.     Exotic bees are transported to strange countries that can cause problems in natural environment by spreading diseases.

6.     Honey nests are destroyed by pouring petrol on hives and bees are killed by spraying liquid soaps. It is not profitable in North to keep bees throughout the winter thus they are killed.

7.     Bees products include honey, beeswax, propolis(bee glue), bee pollen, royal jelly, venom. To get these products from bees money makers can go to any stage of torturing.

Next time you pour honey on toast think about that bee that has put her life for your taste.



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