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Traffic, loads of work, lots of responsibility, social and emotional problems and many more are exactly what gives you stress. Stress if properly defined would be your body’s reaction to all these problems imposed on you. There is really no way to avoid stress as it can be caused by factors that can either be good or bad. Of course there are various ways to reduce it and get more confidence. There are various problems that are created out of stress which is a part of daily life and it is not completely under control. Problems and situations like overwork, death of a family member or a friend, surgery and even going to party can create a huge amount of stress for a person, which can eventually cause problems such as fatigue, headaches, backaches, neck aches, body ad muscle pain, loss of appetite, memory loss, low self esteem, insomnia, lower sexual drive, high blood pressure, skin disorders, hear attacks, cancer and many more.

Here are some of the most effective home remedies for stress (tips on how to reduce stress at home).

  • Mix one table spoon of valerian rhizome with one table spoon of licorice root, one table spoon of Siberian ginseng root and one table spoon of kava root. Let it sit for a couple of hours and then start consuming it every 3 to 4 hours.
  • Start having Ashwaganda. Ashwaganda is an Indian herb which helps improve mental and physical health and reduces anxiety and stress.
  •  By consuming Ginkgo Biloba you can have a better blood circulation and improved brain activity which helps reduce stress.
  •  Licorice is another herb which will help you reduce stress and its effects on your body. This herb boosts the immune system.
  •  Make sure that you get enough sleep and rest. The mentioned herbs are very helpful to your sleep.
  •  Jamaican dogwood is one of the strongest pain relieving herbs. It is helpful in many conditions including overstress and anxiety.

We have mentioned how to cure stress by consuming natural herbs, but the most important part of avoiding stress is you. You should learn to relax and avoid having too much caffeine. Always keep your spirit high and positive, take warm showers, get a good hobby and start traveling. If you work too much, there is not going to be a way to avoid stress. Always keep in mind; it is all up to you.

Note: All these home remedies are only for informational purposes and they are not substitutes for professional medical advice.




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