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The skin is the most delicate part of our body. If not taken care of properly, the affected areas of skin get worsens with each day which could even be harmful for our health. A healthy skin leads to a healthy life and habit. Our skin acts as a protective barrier and helps protect against various harmful pollutants, dust, harmful rays. Many people nowadays are shifting towards using home remedies for skin care as they no longer believe in the scientific cosmetics available in the market because of the harmful chemicals present in those products.

Home remedies for skin care is comparatively very cheap than the cosmetics in the market. People always cannot afford to buy the expensive stuff and because they harm our skin in the long run, people refrain from wasting their time and money into these lavish beauty products. The home remedies do not have any side effects and are safer to use. They are convenient to prepare at home anytime, it just needs a little of your time. Else, home remedies for skin care are definitely one of the best methods to take proper care of your skin without degrading them further. The skin care home remedies makes use of various types of fruits, vegetables, healthy oils and peels which could make a person’s skin feel healthier, make it look smoother and giving it a healthy glowing complexion.

Bacterial disease like Acne Vulgaris, Impetigo, Acne Rosacea can be worked upon by using some fresh Aloe Vera gel directly on that part of the skin where the symptoms are most evident. The fresh Aloe Vera gel does not only help in making skin look smoother and healthier, but due to its anti bacterial and anti fungal properties, it also removes and reduces any kind of bacterial disease symptoms, keeping your skin problem and disease free.

Viral skin diseases, like the name suggests are caused by certain types of viruses. While these diseases may last for a short period of time, the symptoms can be a lot more severe and uncomfortable. Viral skin diseases like Chicken pox, Measles, Herpes, Warts, Verrucas can be cured by first preparing a mixture of one teaspoon of milk powder, one teaspoon of freshly squeezed lime juice, one teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of almond oil. After mixing all these ingredients carefully, apply them to your face as a whole or only on the affected areas and leave them on to your face for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse your skin with cold water and use a very basic mild soap, only if necessary. This remedy will reduce your entire viral symptom on your skin, leaving them healthier and glowing like never before. It becomes efficiently smooth and soft, and making it non vulnerable to future viral skin diseases to some extent.

Other ways of getting rid of some basic skin problems such as tan and lightening of the skin can be done by mixing some plain oatmeal to two tablespoons of unflavored yogurt. Mix the ingredient together and form a kind of paste from it. Then apply this to your skin and leave it on for 10 minutes. Rinse with cold water and do not use soap, as the smoothness created might just go by using base soap. This would help your skin get rid of the tan. Leaving your skin tone lightened and leaves a smooth texture.

For working on your acne, blackheads, softening and glowing you skin leaving it smooth, put a hot wash cloth over your face to open the pores until the cloth gets cool. Take a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and rub in circular motion all around your face, keep doing this for 3-5 minutes. Then take the hot wash cloth and put it over your face for the next 3 or 4 times. After that, wipe off any extra olive oil left on your face. This method of cleaning and treating your skin with olive oil would surely do wonders to your skin by acting as an anti aging treatment, blackhead removal and it is the best secret to having a clear, soft and healthy glowing skin.

Also regular exercise is very important not only for your body but also for your skin. Studies reveal that regular proper exercise helps in better blood circulation in the body, leaving skin look much healthier and the glow is not lost due to equal amount of body supply to various part of the body. Therefore, exercise could also prove beneficial when it comes to home remedial skin care.

Note: All these home remedies are only for informational purposes and they are not substitutes for professional medical advice.




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