Home Remedies for Migraine

Migraine’s shooting pain is indeed, virtually killing. The pulsating or throbbing ache of migraine is no less than a nightmare. The already cultivated problem increases manifold further, if the trigger factor is unknown.

It’s said, “Fore warned is fore armed”. But, if you do not fall under this category and have already been detected of migraine, there are certain remedies that can help curing the problem and freezing your head with pain-free happiness.

And, it’s pretty important to realise by now, that not every time would one want to dig deep into their pockets to spend on a problem that is a sustainable one, unfortunately. So, in order to get rid of these periodic headaches or migraine, to be precise, let us abreast ourselves with some home remedies for migraine. Moreover, it’s always preferable to intake home remedies over excess of painkillers. Painkillers suppress the pain and not help you get rid of it, besides it becoming an addiction in a considerable span of time.

Conclusively, shifting our entire focus on home remedies for Migraine, let us take a look at some of the many!

Anti-inflammatory substance: Since migraine is essentially caused by spurring of a nerve that releases a substance inducing inflammation, an anti-inflammatory agent like ‘Primrose oil’ is considered the best; it helps in keeping the blood vessels from constricting.

Detoxifying agent: Potent detoxifiers are a good remedy; for instance, garlic.

Herbs: In case you have your granny around, or somebody who would know about herbs well, you must not miss on ‘Cordyceps’. It helps in variant ways, besides controlling and relieving major aches. Reduction of anxiety is its basic role followed by promotion of a light sleep that makes you feel way better.

Next is a herb namely ‘Kava’. An intake of 180milligrams per day for a consecutive span of 3 days will help transcending into a deep relaxation mood reducing the adversity of migraine and would also help improving sleep without any loss in concentration. But, make sure that you don’t intake more than the specified amount, lest your liver may get affected. So, recommended usage must be adhered to, strictly.

Rutin: Rutin, which a bioflavonoid helps strengthening the capillaries. Also, it activates the removal of toxic metals that cause migraine to a large extent. Rutin is mostly found in citrus fruits, peel of an apple or beverages like black tea.

Vitamin C: Increase your consumption of vitamin C along with bioflavonoid. It acts by producing an adrenal hormone which is an anti-stress and immunity provider.

Daily Supplements: It is highly recommended that a multivitamin capsule is made a part of the daily diet in order to compensate on the amount of nutrients that lack in our routine food consumption.

So, help your brain to stop sending messages to the pain receptors in the meninges by inculcating and imbibing some easy tips that you must apply in your lifestyle and food habits! Enjoy a pain-free life, taking care of your sweet near and dear ones by following some secretly guarded home remedies for migraine.

Note: All these home remedies are only for informational purposes and they are not substitutes for professional medical advice.



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