The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – it certainly won’t desolate you..!!

A quest for finding lost esteem, treasure, and pride of Dwarves community to lonely mountain to reclaim the mountain and the stolen treasure by Smaug, the dragon which transforms through adventurous story line and enriching plot. Being the second part of the trilogy based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s widely acknowledged novel ‘The Hobbit’ has no appropriate start or no proper end to the movie but it beyond doubt takes you to the highest level of entertainment and drops you down the cliff without satisfying you. An army of 13 dwarves and Bilbo Baggins (played by Martin Freeman) led by banished dwarf king Thorin Oakenshield (Played by Richard Armitage) coupled with Gandalf, The Wizard (played by Ian McKellen which is the part of the all J. R. R. Tolkien’s adaptation on big screen is certainly great spice in this venture).


As the first part of the trilogy mainly ponders over upbringing of the Dwarves and their survival through initial part of the journey having mesmerizing, and extremely dicey scenes which you will never miss in this venture too, Peter Jackson has brought you and amazing and even more hypnotizing scenes on screen which will surely make you jaw-drop several times throughout the storyline. Jackson has sketched this magical three-dimensional world by bringing overwhelming energy and personalities with breathtaking cinematography to lives with great blend of dark shadows of evil and positive energy of angels throughout the storyline. Everything seems perfect except the portion where all take hideout at Laketown, and story revolves around the local politics between Lord of Laketown (Played by Stephen Fry) and Bard, The Bowman (Played by Luke Evans), although Bard makes deep impact on audience with his rough attitude and concern for the Laketown.

Along the way on their quest, Peter surprises us with several characters by bringing some old friends on screen and bringing new characters in the storyline like Shape-shifting Giant/Bear, blue-eyed Legolas (Played by Orlandoo Bloom) and adding sexy zest in the plot with new elf character, Tairiel (Played by Evangelline Lilly) creating a love triangle with Legolas and Kili, one of the dwarves (Played by Aidan Turner).


Bilbo surely brings the magic he brought in the first venture to this second part too with his slightly witty character trying to win the consent and trust of the dwarves on his own, especially when he manages to captivate “Lord of The Ring” fans with his precious moment with ring although you wouldn’t hear any “precious” sound like LOTR throughout the movie, the ring helps Bilbo many times to enable their journey significantly easy by making him invisible.

Main eccentricity of the movie lies in the end, the confrontation of Bilbo with Smaug, depreciatory evil (Voiced by Bendict Cumberbatch). The tremendous thematic background surely awestruck you even when you are in the conversation of Bilbo and Smaug. The terrifying Smaug surely brings frightening goose bumps on your skin and yet you laugh with Bilbo’s efforts to hide himself from the Smaug and finding something much more important than his life. The whole sequence in the lonely mountains frightens you, shivers you and at the end disappoints you for not getting some more taste of the awesome work done by Peter Jackson and team.


Thematic attributes, emotional tension, and brave heart warriors fighting till the end certainly the best part of the film. But above all, the scene where the dwarves and Bilbo escape from elves kingdom in Barrels coupled with simultaneous survival from Orcs along the river stream is the high point of the movie, every inch of the scene is electrifying which will force you to raise your eyebrows to their maximum limits, and many times you will feel you too are drowning in the river. The whole sequence mesmerizes you every second and when Tairiel enters the scene to help dwarves, you can’t even concentrate on anything else than all her presence on screen.

The start seems abrupt if you are not familiar with first part or with the book, but as story proceeds you would significantly understand where it is leading. Action, adventure, thematic scenes while watching will insinuate you like an odyssey of your own.



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