Highlighting and Hair frosting Tips

Highlighting and hair frosting are two types of hair modifications due to which one can change the natural colour of their hair. Depending on the desired overall effect and the way the person wants their hair colour to appear and look, the right technique of all-over coloring, highlighting and frosting are used. These days, a lot of people go for highlighting and hair frosting, just to make the hair colour appear in a very different and unique style. Though highlighting and hair frosting might look very similar if you give a non-detailed glimpse to those techniques, yet there are differences. The way it is done and also the way they make change the outlook of your hair colour too has some minute differences.

Highlighting:  Highlighting involves lightening strands of hair so as to get two shades lighter than the natural hair colour. The amount of hair that is treated varies depending on the desired style. Highlights are often done to give a subtle, soft and pleasant look to the hair around your face or scalp.
Hair Frosting: As the name sounds, it has got nothing to do with cake frosting and also does not involve water and freezing temperatures. Hair frosting basically involves the bleaching of single strands of hair to make them look darker or lighter, according to what one wants. The appearance of the hair on the whole does not change except for the bleached strands and blends it with the lighter shade of the hair, giving it a salt and pepper look.

Application: There are two basic methods when applying highlights or frosting. One is wherein a plastic cap is used and placed over the scalp. Strands of hair are then pulled through holes in the cap. This is done so that those strands of hair are free to get colored, avoiding the rest of the hair. Usage of square shaped tin foil is another widely used method of highlighting or hair frosting. Strands or small sections of hair are separated from the rest and placed on the foil as the chemicals are being applied. After the chemical application is done, the foil is folded, so that it is kept away from the rest of the hair.

Highlighting and Hair Frosting: Both the methods involve coloring and treatment of hair not in an even shade. They are usually done to give strands of hair either a lighter or a darker shade, than the rest of the hair. It is a way of giving depth, dimension, and attention to the lighter or dull areas of your hair. Both these methods are used to give a radiant and differently colored look to your hair, with different colour strands blending with the lighter shade of the rest. Frosting adds a subtle salt and pepper look, blending light and dark hairs. Highlighting also blends light hair with dark but not in the muted way frosting does. Frosting and highlights are designed to blend in with the natural hair color. They are much easier to maintain than fully colored hair.





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