Herbal Cigarettes a Substitute for Normal Cigarettes

“Smoking is injurious to health”. Is this statement strong enough to help a Cigarettes addict stand up to his addiction and have the will power to suppress the urge of smoking  and get rid of this extremely hazardous habit. It sure is a wishful thinking. Let’s face it, addiction can overpower your will to stay out of it and force you to give in to the urges making you weak and taking over your ability to take the right step. One cannot just suddenly decide to put down his cigarette and never touch it again.

“Quit smoking” has always been the number one pointer in a smoker’s new year resolution list, if only these resolutions were taken seriously. Many have tried and many have failed to let go of this addiction. Fortunately, there have been ways and substitutes which can be a practical approach to dealing with this life threatening habit.

One such substitute is the herbal cigarette.  Also known as nicotine-free cigarettes or tobacco-free cigarettes, these cigarettes contain zero percentage of tobacco and are made of different types of herbs. To manufacture these cigarettes, the standard-issue rolling papers and cigarette filters are used and the filling is made of variety of herbs such as cinnamon and mint. These cigarettes come in multiple option of flavors like clover, strawberry and rose.

There are many popular herbal cigarette brands available such as “Arkopharma”, “Ecstacy”, “Honeyrose”, “Honeysuckle” and many more. “Honeyrose” is the oldest among all the present brands and has been in the market since 1947. Ecstacy Cigarettes came into picture in the 1990’s and took over the mainstream market in America.

Herbal cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular as a substitute for regular cigarettes, to help people deal with tobacco cessation. They are easily available online on stores such as Amazon. While making your purchase make sure you go through the product information. To ensure quality, always do your research and buy only premium quality brand cigarettes. Avoid sites which offer such cigarettes at dirt cheap prices to ensure what you buy is 100% nicotine free and that you are not being fleeced. Many brands have their own sites from where these cigarettes can be bought directly. These cigarettes are available at some food stores as well since they are herbal products.

Not only do herbal cigarettes help you quit smoking, they also have other benefits. Herbal cigarettes help reduce bad breath. They are also good for stomach, gums and teeth.

Quitting a terrible habit is not easy, however, knowing the right option can always prove be of great help. That said, if you are someone who is health conscious and strives to lead a healthy lifestyle, herbal cigarettes could be your right option instead of smoking other kinds of cigarettes.





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