HDTV Buying Guide in India

A high definition television popularly referred to as HDTV is a video has a resolution which is slightly higher than an ordinary television. It has 2 million mp per frame which is 5 times that of SD. HDTV is in great vogue now as companies like Sony are coming up with newer models every day. With so many companies coming up with a variety of models and features, we tend to make mistakes while buying the right model. Here, are some tips, before you make the right purchase.


  • Size – While purchasing HDTV, it is very important to look out for the size. It should not look out of place in your living room. Get the right size that fits well in your living room.
  • Connectivity – Nowadays a minimum of 3 portals is required on a HDTV. One portal for Blu-ray or DVD player, one for gaming like PSP 3 or Xbox360 and the third one for HTC. Also if, you are planning to buy a giant screen monitor, it should also contain VGA or DVI port for PC connection.
  • Viewing angle – Depending upon the size of the room, the viewing angle changes. If the room is too big, then the angle should be such that the person sitting right in front of the TV and the person sitting farthest are able to view the picture perfectly. The contrast varies with the angle of the picture. Always choose the one with the minimum variation.
  • Resolution – The HDTVs available in India are either Full HD or HD Ready. While buying a TV smaller than 42”, always opt for 720pixels and if it is more than 42” then 1080pixels.
  • 100 Hz technology – If you are a great fan of action movies or ardent sports followers, go for HDTVs that offer 100-200 motion technology to get the perfect feel.
  • Contrast ratio – One of the main drawbacks of HDTV is that they are unable produce good contrast compared to the olden day TVs. So, while buying HDTV, always go for TVs that offer high contrast ratio.

So finally, before you make the right purchase, survey the market and check out for the variety of brands that offer HDTVs at various prices. Choose the brand that suits your budget the best and look out for the features that   mentioned in the above list. Lastly, look out for various retail outlets as many offer heavy discounts on HDTV.



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