Hazards of drinking and driving

Let’s start with some facts first. The consumption of alcohol hampers with the blood concentration in our body and creates the BAC, the blood alcohol concentration. Therefore, a driver with a BAC of 0.10 or greater is seven times more probable of being involved in a fatal road accident. Well, drinking alcohol surely isn’t a vice or a bad habit per se in today’s fast-paced world. As long as it is consumed moderately and responsibly, it’s completely alright. One must know the alcohol-consuming capacity that one has. There are many hazards associated with drunk driving and one must be aware of all consequences of the same anyway.

1. Blurry vision

After drinking more than one should, one’s vision gets heavily tampered. Blurry eyesight is the cause of a lot of road accidents. The alcohol plays with the nerves of the eye. One might even doze off while driving, end up talking on the phone, drive on the wrong side of the road or even worse, cause a fatal accident.

2. Mortality

If you are not careful, you might even run people off the road or even cause death. Footpath dwellers in the night might be run over by your vehicle and this can result in serious injuries. You might even be jailed for more than just one crime. It is so difficult to live with this kind of guilt forever. There are so many people who live in regret because of one night of reckless drinking and driving.

3. Emotional imbalance

Drinking and driving can lead to serious emotional imbalance. If you are upset, you might end up dwelling in your sorrow even more. You might end up calling someone and disturbing them in the middle of the night while saying things you aren’t sure of yourself! This is not only confined to romantic relationships. Research has shown that sometimes people even dial a random number from their phone.

4. Incoherency while making decisions

Someone who is drunk and driving does not possess the rationality to make a sane decision. He or she might just end up parking in a prohibited spot, lose the keys to his car and even lock himself out! There have been incidences where the driver has been known to be sleeping at a random location like a garden bench – much away from where the car has been parked! Decision making is one of our biggest abilities as humans and drinking and driving really takes that quality away from us. We need to be as careful as we can.

To conclude, it is obvious that drinking and driving causes a lot of hazards that are known to all of us. However, such instances still happen because people are maybe overconfident of their alcohol-consumption levels or are too prone to being “adventurous”. This is one of the biggest misnomers. Drinking alcohol comes with a risk of also being mature and responsible. If you aren’t prepared for that, don’t risk it. Fortunately, amongst a group of friends, there is always that one person who is a little more responsible than the rest. And thank God for that one person!




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