Happy Birthday Dear Superstar!

Rajnikanth – A name which took the film industry by storm, 38 years back, is no less than God to his die-hard fan followers who wait for an era to catch a glimpse of this charismatic celebrity. Every time he comes on screen the magic of his alluring personality slowly unwinds, leaving the audience awestruck!


His movies have always seen jam-packed theatres and frantic crowd which stays hooked to his trademarked mannerisms! Be it beating up the badies or romancing co-actors, no one does it better than Rajni!

I have always grown up seeing Rajni movies which never run out of what we call ‘The Punch Dialogues’ (If you happen to be a Rajni fan knowing atleast one punch dialogue of the Superstar is a must!) The one which I have been addicted to till date is –

“Naan oru thadava sonna nooru thadave sonna madri!”

(Here’s the translated version for those who don’t know tamil!) “If I say it once, it’s equivalent to saying it a 100 times”.

Pick any of his movies and as an intransigent Rajni fan you will never be disappointed. Try listening to some of the songs featuring Rajni; the lyrics  are tailor-made for this star who in real life loves simple living! His goggle twisting and cigarette throwing stunts have become his patented styles with which you identify this Superstar of Indian Cinema. The best part is that he gets it right each time he does it; be it on or off screen!

Today, I am almost convinced that there is hardly anything in the world which Rajni’Kant’ do!

From a bus conductor in BTS to a Superstar; the word impossible doesn’t seem to exist in this man’s dictionary.  Having worked in 150 films (all of which have been massive hits!), this Superstar still has his feet on the ground and prefers his humble premier padmini to costly automotives.

On his 63nd birthday, we wish him loads of happiness, good health and superhit movies!

Happy Birthday Thalaiva! (Please do not ask for translations-Just ‘Rajnikanth’ it!)



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