Halitosis-All about Bad Breath its Symptoms and Prevention

Bad breath is surely not life threatening in itself, but virtually no less than that indeed. It can be a real-time misery in one’s happy and cheerful life and enough to threaten the protagonist’s life to an extent, unimaginable. Medically known as ‘Halitosis’, bad breath is a major concern and must be dealt with very religiously in order to avoid a chain of problems further.

The worst part is that a lot of people don’t even know they are in halitosis’ trap. So, first and foremost, let’s perform a small test to introspect whether or not you have been its unfortunate target too. Take a small cotton ball and keep it towards the end of your tongue. Let it moisten as much as possible. Take it off and keep it under a bowl until it’s partially dry. Sniff and check to get to a clear verdict. Simple enough, right?

Now let us put on our inquisitive caps and penetrate deep into the medical world to explore more about Halitosis. First of all, know it for a fact that it’s a myth that halitosis occurs only due to poor dental hygiene. There are a numerous other causes for the same. If you face a frequent indigestion problem, you are highly vulnerable to halitosis. Furthermore, a dry mouth is the best feeding ground for bacteria that cause bad breath, which indirectly means less intake of water can be a major cause for halitosis. Also, it is a possibility that you suffer from it only in the morning hours, courtesy the lack of oxygen in mouth in the night.
Diseased gums are another factor to consider. Smoking too is a cause to not just trigger the problem but also aggravate it further. Breathing from the mouth is another. Furthermore, diseases like diabetes, postnasal drip, bronchitis etc. can be quick triggers.

Essentially, due to the aforementioned reasons, your tongue tends to develop a whitish layer of bacteria indicative of bad breath. So, in order to prevent social isolation because of halitosis, let’s dive into the pool of home remedies. But, make sure you visit a doctor in case the problem is extreme.

There are countless remedies for halitosis but treatment with fenugreek has been found the most effective. Put 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in about a litre of cold water and put in over flame. Allow it to be there for 15 minutes on simmered gas. Further strain it and prepare a delicious and medically incredible tea.
All those fruit lovers out there, don’t you worry because there is a miracle treatment for you too. By virtue of the unique properties of a guava, it if chewed proves to be a magical tonic for the gums and teeth.

Also, all fruit and vegetable juices are highly efficient in getting rid of this problem, so consume them as much as possible on a regular basis.
Avocado is another great gift sent by God. It gets you rid of any intestinal putrefaction which comes off as a major cause of halitosis.

So, let no more worries entrap you about your bad breath problem. Create a new ‘you’ now!!! Take Care!!



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