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Music is something that appeals to people beyond all barriers. One does not need to be of a particular age, caste or creed to be able to appreciate the divine feeling of listening to music. However, an individual’s taste of music can vary from classical to rock to metal or even instrumental. The music genres are as diverse as the Indian culture.

When we talk of Indian music we usually think of the traditional music which is composed with the help of different ragas, taals and various instruments such as tabla, dholak, sitar, veena and many more. But in the past two decades Indian music has found a different identity. This is a blend of western and traditional Indian music. New bands, which have modified the ragas and other classical songs with the help of western instruments like guitar, synthesizer, drums, etc, have tremendously gained popularity in India.

A few Indian bands which are often referred to as India’s Mettalica, Iron Maiden and Green Day, are Bhayanak Maut, Indian Ocean, Jalebee Cartel, Motherjane and Parikrama. There are many more such bands which have stormed cities like Pune, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolakta and Delhi, with their grooving and heart throbbing beats.

These bands offer new sounds, innovations, n techniques that grab the attention of the country’s youth, thereby, providing them with opportunities to grow from college level to national and finally international standards. Motherjane, that blends classic rock with Indian themes and melodies, was the first band to receive international radio airplay for their songs, in the U.S. Likewise in 2007 when Iron Maiden performed in Bengaluru for the first time, Parikrama was the band which opened for them. It was this performance, which helped them to display their unique brand of Indian-infused rock ’n’ roll to the rest of the world at the Download Festival in the U.K

Unlike the past, language is no more a barrier today and thus vernacular bands such as Avial, who dared to think differently and create their own genre called ‘Alternative Malyali Rock’, have gained a huge fan following. Some bands may not have national appeal, but within their own cities they are creating quite a ripple. This spells a new sense of freedom n expression for the country as a whole.

Unless you showcase the talent, it is as good as non-existing and thus with the help of channels such as MTV and Channel V, the Indian bands have found a platform to exhibit the different genre of music they excel in. Shows such as Coke studio and Unplugged have given various opportunities to bands and individual artists to perform in front of a world wide audience. The fondness for Indian bands has grown to such an extent that even Bollywood directors have started hiring these bands to give playback music for some blockbuster movies.

Having said that, there is still a large scope for the Indian bands to match up to the international standards and this is only possible when record studio and companies open their doors and help these bands become bigger and better.



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