Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is an American TV series which started in 2005 and is still continuing. The ninth season was launched in 2012. It is a medical drama through the viewpoint of Dr. Meredith Grey, the protagonist and the titular character. The story spins off in Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital and focuses on the lives of interns and residents who gradually evolve to become seasoned doctors and surgeons. But the root to the popularity gained by Grey’s Anatomy is the fact that it is much more than just a medical drama. It highlights various facets of life. Each episode usually begins and ends with a voice over by Meredith Grey which sets the theme of the episode and offers an insight into life and it colorful ironies.


Grey’s Anatomy has received critical acclaim and has ranked among the top 10 best TV series by critiques. It has also received numerous awards and in 2011 it has been rated as the fourth-highest revenue earning show.

Characters of the Series:

Meredith Grey: The protagonist of the show. She joins Seattle Grace Hospital as a surgical intern under Dr. Miranda Bailey. Her best friend is Christina Yang. Her character is shaped by the influences of her over- bearing mother and Chief of Surgery of Seattle Grace, Dr. Richard Webber, who had an affair with Meredith’s mother. Her character evolves through her romantic relationship with the neurosurgeon, Dr. Derek Shepherd.

Derek Shepherd: The lead male character and the Chief of Neurosurgery. He has a long romance with Meredith which eventually culminates in marriage. He succeeds Richard Webber as the Chief of Surgery of Seattle Grace Hospital. He is best friends with Mark Sloan, Chief of Plastic Surgery in Seattle Grace.

Christina Yang: A “no-nonsense” character, Christina starts out at Seattle Grace along with Meredith. She is bright, aggressive and competitive. She pursues cardiothoracic surgery. She has short lived affair with Dr. Preston Burke, she eventually marries Dr. Owen Hunt.

Isobel Stevens: Friend of Meredith. Izzie Stevens is a cheerful girl who, besides being a good surgeon is also an avid cook and has worked hard to get past her “trailer park” background and go through medical school. She becomes romantically involved with one of her patients, Danny Duquette and almost loses her job trying to give him a new lease of life. Throughout the series she is portrayed as an emotional person who takes a more personal perspective towards the well being of others.

Alex Karev: He portrayed as “hardcore”. He is also Meredith’s friend and joins Seattle Grace along with her as an intern. His extremely straight forward nature often gets him into trouble but he is a good surgeon. He has an on and off relationship with Izzie but due to his disturbed past, he is basically unfortunate when it comes to relationships with women.

George O’Malley: Dubbed as “Bambi” by his other intern friends, George is a mild natured doctor who can keep his cool under pressure. He has short lived relationships with Meredith, Izzie, attending orthopedic surgeon Calliope Torres and Meredith’s half sister Lexie Grey. He wanted to start out as a trauma surgeon but an unfortunate accident cuts his career short.

Richard Webber: The Chief of Surgery in Seattle Grace hospital, he is the character in authority. His relationship with Meredith often gets complicated as he had an affair with her mother when Meredith was a child. He is also haunted by his problem with alcoholism.

Miranda Bailey: Nicknamed “the Nazi”, Miranda Bailey petrifies her interns. But with time her attitude towards them softens. She is one of the best surgeons of Seattle Grace and stands as a character who portrays the real life challenges of being a woman and a single mother in the field of surgery.

Other Important Characters:

Mark Sloan: Chief of Plastic Surgery and best friend of Derek Shepherd.
Lexie Grey: Dubbed as “little grey”. Meredith’s half sister.
Addison Montgomery: Chief of OB/GYN and Neonatal Surgery and Shepherd’s ex-wife.
Preston Burke: Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Seattle Grace but departs after having problems with Yang.
Calliope Torres: Orthopedic surgeon who has relationships with Erica Hahn and Arizona Robbins.
Erica Hahn: Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Seattle Grace after Preston Burke’s departure.
Owen Hunt: Chief of Trauma Surgery and the husband of Cristina Yang.
Arizona Robbins: Attending pediatric surgeon, who has a relationship with Calliope Torres.




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