Google Santa Tracker: Colorfully Playful; made me a kid; Now I want Santa

Blue sky, Yellow sun, flying clouds, green Christmas trees with snowflakes, illuminated houses, train, bus and flight passing by, all sums up to give you a feel of a town where elves working hard to meet the deadline of Christmas while packing gifts, training reindeers and maintaining data and tracking Santa in the sci-fi method.

The Google Santa Tracker, like NORAD (which has tracked Santa since 1955) has made this tracking system which tells the time left for the arrival of Santa Claus (if I am not wrong, they are tracking since 2004). Well, not exactly like NORAD. It’s Google!


It’s kid-like, interactive, colorful, playful and delighting. We love to click like Dee-Dee (remember Dexter’s devastating sister) right! Most of the pictures are clickable and takes you to a different world, of games and fantasies.

Games to make presents, deliver presents, capture presents and much more with Santa suit donning elves.

The best thing I like is the Christmas wish mail/call you can make to your loved ones, customized in Santa’s way. Try it. Sending is fun as it questions you crazily and receiving…umm ask the receiver. But I guess it would be lovely.


The countdown is on. The sleigh is ready, reindeers are powered, gifts enwrapped.

Santa Claus is coming to town. Ho Ho Ho!



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