Google makes history with “Little Nemo” doodle

Don’t you think the “Google” should be added to the synonyms of the word “amazing”?

There is nothing like it, we all agree. The genius of Google keeps surprising and entertaining us every time we visit Google. One of the unique things about Google is how it plays with its words and dedicates its doodle to the memorable.

They are doodles. The Google doodle. You see it, love it, play with it and stick on playing till your mind alarms that you have to do something else. This time, yet again Google wins our heart by celebrating the 107th anniversary of iconic cartoonist and animator Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo in Slumberland”.

The comic strip by McCay made its first appearance in 15 October, 1905 in the New York Herald with the title “Little Nemo in Slumberland” and later in New York American under the title ofIn the Land of Wonderful Dreams”.

With vibrant colors, childlike images, simple animations and dreamy story, Google unfolds the comic strip one by one as its letters playing their parts in each of the layers. It’s first of its kind, an interactive motion picture comic strip. Google made McCay’s work come alive after a long time and in its best way.

The doodle is beautiful and its fun to click the button on the right bottom. Explore the comic strip. Dream on!




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