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What is Google Goggles? Google Goggles is a new application created by Google Inc. This image recognition application is available for download on Android 2.1 Plus and iOS. This app is used to search information based on images and pictures taken by mobile devices. For example; you can click a photo of a building or a famous landmark and search information about it based on the photo that you have taken. Similarly you can take a picture of a product or anything that you want, and put the image in Google Goggles app and see the information and similar other images. Initially the app was available in beta version only for Android based phones but later on Google made it available for iPhone as well as BlackBerry devices.

Google Goggles reviews that I have read so far people have been very satisfied with this app. Like all other software’s and applications this app has some flaws.

Google Goggle is able to identify labels, landmarks, signs in other languages by just submission of the image taken by the device’s camera. Metropolitan Museum of Art has also announced that it will be in collaboration with Google Goggles. You can click a photo of an Art work and receive the information on that piece on this App. This app is also going to be able to recognize various types of leaves and plants in the near future.

Currently the Google Goggles can run on Android OS of 1.6.1+ and it is available on Android Market. This app require iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 for apple iPhones.



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