Google features the Halloween-Haunted-House Doodle and new compose mail box

It’s the All Hallows’ Eve and the Google yet again came up with a dynamic doodle featuring a haunted house numbered 13. The house contains five doors which when opened scares you with the presence of monsters and creatures, all arranged and designed to show       G-O-O-G-L-E.

The doodle is very creative (Google is always!) as you can interact with all the creepy ghosts. Also, a crow hopping over the roof (reminding “The Raven”), a suspending-dancing skeleton, lightening Jack O’ Lanterns, a-cat-in-the-dustbin secretly peeping out and spooky jumping-spider fills the doodle. All the character are interactive and gives a horror-film kind of feeling with haunting background music.

Gmail introduces new Compose mail box features!

After the birth of Gmail, it has undergone many changes but one thing never changed, the compose feature. It changed today.

When you compose mails in Gmail from now on, a New Message box will open just like a chat window. So say you are looking at mails in your Inbox and you want to compose a mail, Gmail will not open a separate compose mail page, instead, you will be able to see the contents of your Inbox and write out your mail in the New Message box. You can even insert messages inline.

Just like in a chat window, you can minimize the New Message box and continue writing the mail later. This solves one of the critical issues that faced the older compose mail page. In case you wanted to refer to some other mail while composing your mail, you would have to save the current mail as a Draft, go back to the Inbox and then re-open the Draft to compose the mail. With this move, Gmail has made referencing older mails easy. You can even use the search mail option while keeping the New Message box minimized.

And if you want to stick back to the usual, old way then you can again switch to the older version.



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