Google Drive: What you need to know

Google recently introduced Google Drive. There are quite a few questions that come in mind about Google drive as it is a new application developed and introduced by Google.

What is Google Drive?

Google drive is a virtual drive (storage platform) where you can create, share, collaborate and store all your files. You can keep any type of files taking from videos, images, documents, PDFs and many more. On Google Drive you can get started with 5GB of storage space which is for free. If that is not enough space for your files then you can upgrade it to either 25 GB for $2.49 a month or 100 GB for $4.99 a month. There is also a choice of 1 TB space for $49.99 a month. Once you update your Google Drive to a paid account your Gmail account storage also expands to 25 GB.

Drive is not merely a place where you save your files but you edit your documents and share it with whoever you want.

Create and Collaborate – Through Google drive you can work with others on your documents, spreadsheets, presentations etc on real time basis. You can share your files with others and edit them. Once you edit a file on Google drive it automatically changes on the other devices that it is connected as well. Another good feature of Google drive is that Google Docs is also built into it.

Keep your files safe – Once you have stored your stuff on Google drive it is safe. Let’s say something goes wrong with your computer and all your files are deleted by mistake. You don’t have to worry about your files as they are stored online safely.

Accessibility – You can access your stored files in Google drive at anytime, from anywhere from any device in Of course you must have access to internet.

Search by keyword – You can search for your documents through keywords. Google Drive can even recognize text in scanned documents such as newspaper. If you have scanned a document like your passport and stored it on Google Drive, you can later on search for a keyword that is written in the passport such as your name or date of birth etc.

Apps – Google Drive has an application that can be downloaded to devices like PCs, tablets and android phones. Google is still working on an app for iOS devices.

It all sounds great and it is in fact very useful but it is only in the initial stages and it will even get better with time. When you apply for a Google Drive account, do not expect immediate access as it might take some time until your account is ready and you will be notified about it in your Gmail account. Here is a video on Google Drive and its features:



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