Google designs ‘Hurdle’ Doodle

London Olympics is the latest talk of the town. To make it even interesting is the Google Doodle! ‘London Olympic 2012 Hurdles’ is the twelfth Google doodle carrying the tradition of Google doodle. It is giving the Olympics fans a feeling of vibrancy, same as the Olympics.


The Google doodle has previously celebrated the games of diving, fencing and gymnastics, field hockey, short put, and so on. Fifteen doodles are expected to be celebrated on every day of the fifteen days long Olympic games.

The latest Olympic doodle is the Hurdles. Hurdles is a game that involves a running race and obstacles. The user here, who is an athlete, has to complete the race as fast as possible. The user has to use the left and right arrow key to move forward and the space bar to jump over the hurdle.

Google will come up with three new, interesting doodles in the remaining three days of the Olympics 2012.




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