Google Brings Indoor Maps for Desktop Web Browser

Google has announced that updated version of Google maps featuring the indoor maps is now available for desk top web browser. This version features floor plans for some airports, department stores, malls, etc. The update means the users can view all the indoor of the popular spots on the web browser of their desktops and laptops.


Though it may not be as practical as the mobile version, but if one plans their travel route well ahead of time, then the update can be really great.

“Depending on the data available, the map will show prominent places in the building you are currently viewing, including stores, restrooms, food, and more,” Google says. “Click any indoor location to learn more.”

The update brings high resolution aerial and satellite imagery for a number of new cities and added 45-degree imagery for scores of locales across the globe.

The availability of indoor maps is still quite a bit more limited than some of Google’s other map offerings, but it does now include over 10,000 floor plans in a number of different countries.



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