Good Camping Places in India

“All my bags are packed…I am ready to go”, as the John Denver track plays in the background and simultaneously you pack your bag, thinking of an adventurous weekend. You recheck the inventory and start looking for the other essential items you still haven’t stuffed inside your rucksack. You carefully place the camping pillow and properly fold the sleeping bags and make sure the tent is placed carefully. Despite of all these wonderful preparations, you are still left undecided about the location. You are still confused about the best place for camping. Don’t worry; here are the solutions to confusions.


Some of the good camping places in India would include:

  • Rishikesh in the Himachal Pradesh – Rishikesh is considered one of the best sites for camping. It lies in the laps of the Himalayas. The time between October to April is the best time for camping as the climate remains pleasant. Rishikesh comes with an added advantage. The Rishikesh Rafting Camp that offers a variety of water sports. The nearest airport connecting Rishikesh is the Dehradun Airport. One can go by car also from Delhi, or A/C Volvo buses.
  • Spiti Valley in the Himachal Pradesh – It is a desert mountain valley located in the Himachal Pradesh. The term ‘Spiti’ means middle land; it is the land between India and Tibet. If one has to go there, they can go from Shimla by car. The kinnaur shimla route is available throughout the year.  It is a difficult route, but that is the only way to reach Spiti. It is of a great tourist attraction and there are some places where they serve Chinese delicacies. Rudyard Kipling had described it as a highly hygienic place with clean tent toilets.
  • Mussorie Campgrounds – It is located at an altitude of 5500 feet from Dehradun. If one has to go from Delhi, it is 7 hours long drive or one can take the Dehradun route. There are plenty of hotels available there, and once you check in, they will guide you about your camping expeditions.
  • The Camp Wonderland – It is a 30 minutes walk from the Sangla Valley, in the Himachal Pradesh. This place offers a variety of tents which are in accordance to the needs of the campers. There are luxury tents available as well that offer splendid facilities. Also, people who are spiritual and love being surrounded by nature, there are places that offer peace amidst nature. People come here to meditate and acquire mental balance. Many adventure sports are also offered like river crossing, monkey crawl etc. The cuisine here is also multi-cuisine, ranging from Indian to continental.
  • Chitrauli in Nainital – This camp at Chitrauli provides a pleasant freedom from pollution and the chaotic noise of the cities. It is considered to be a main trekking zone of the Nainital region. Panoramic views can be witnessed of the mighty Himalayas from this region. This place is also abundant in flora and fauna and offers a great site to all the bird watchers and animal lovers.



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