Goa in the rains!!!

The mere mention of Goa and you imagine golden stretches of sand, the sea…and shacks!!!
But come Monsoon, and the sea becomes a raging grey beast and the sun goes into hiding. Wet beaches, no banana boats and no more lounging under umbrellas with pints of cold beer.

But unfortunately,Monsoon is the time most engineering and other graduate students are free..so what do you do when its raining in paradise?? You cant give India’s own Miami a miss simply because its raining!!
You’ll be surprised at how much fun you can have despite the drizzle in Goa…Here’s how….

• Make hay while the sun..um..DOESN’T SHINE!..The hotel /guest house rates are slashed by upto 40-50 percent in the monsoon since its off season. This is IDEAL for youngsters on a shoe string budget. Also, rooms are easily available because of lesser crowds, thus allowing impromptu plans!

• Goa is BEAUTIFUL in the rains. The lush green paddy, cool trickling water bodies and the crystal white waves crashing against cliffs..its a photographer’s delight!

Goa’s temperature is MUCH better in the monsoon. Its still warm enough to be wearing your teeny shorts but its cool enough to curb the constant sweating! And who are we kidding…since when do Indians sun-bathe ANYWAY???

Explore the city! This time,instead of just lounging lazily in a drunken stupor on the beach..go look around! Panaji is one of the most beautiful and well preserved cities in our country.The lovely architecture of the old,but well maintained houses will bring to mind images of a quaint European town.

San-jao, a little known Goan festival is celebrated with much pomp with the locals wearing headgear made of flowers and leaves.The atmosphere is lively, and very very merry!!
Resorts organise special rain dances to celebrate the days..Join in the
fun! When in Goa, do as the Goans do!!

– The sea is a strict no-no..but who says you gotta stay dry!!Find a hotel with the pool..and chances are, you’ll be the only ones there..have a blast in your own private pool party !!And most hotel staff is very accomodating and will often serve snacks poolside and turn a blind eye to the blaring music and the growing row of bottles! (You might be their only customers after all!)

A Saturday is a Saturday, no matter what season…so the clubs WILL be open. So don’t leave your dancing shoes behind.On weekdays, all the other bars and lounges are still buzzing with activity.So fret not, the rain will not dampen your party plans!

So go ahead, call your gang ASAP and GO GOA!!!



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