Gmail Lab Features that you should enable

There are total of 52 features available in Gmail Lab and they can make your e-mail experience very professional. Once you create a Gmail Account all the lab features are disabled. However you can enable them by clicking on setting and from there going to Labs. There you will all the features listed in an alphabetic manner and the option to enable or disable them is on the right.

Out of all these features there are a few of them which should be enabled by default but they are not. So if you have a Gmail Account you better enable them fast because they will improve your email experience and give you more options to work with. After going through the list of labs features of Gmail you will see many options that will be useful to you so do not hesitate to enable them. Here are the Gmail Lab features that you should enable right away: –

Add any gadget by URL – By enabling this lab feature of Gmail you can add any gadget available online by specifying its URL to Gadgets settings. The gadget will appear in a box in the left column on your page.

Background Send – This feature is more understandable if it was called sending in background. You know when you are sending an email you will have to wait for the process of sending to get over before you can go to your inbox, check other mails or compose a new mail. With background send lab feature enabled you don’t have to wait any longer. After you clicked on send button you can leave the page while the sending takes place in the backgrounds.

Mark as Read button – This feature will give you the option to mark a message as read without even opening it. You cannot see this button unless you select one or more messages. It will appear next to delete button after marking a message.

Message Sneak peek – This is one of the best features and it has made my work much easier. By enabling this feature you can see the content of a message in smaller form without opening but by just right clicking on it. You can see the message, mark as read, delete or star it.

Undo Send – With this feature enabled you get a second chance before you send a message. For example; if you have already clicked on send but the email is to the wrong recipient or you have made a spelling mistake. You can stop the email from being sent for some time to correct your mistakes. I’m sure everyone has made mistakes while sending emails. By enabling this feature you can eliminate that issue.



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