Gifts for Lawn and Garden Enthusiasts.

Be it the first lady of the U.S, or a member of your own family, everyone loves to possess a garden in the house. We all know about the famous gardens at the White House and at our very own Rashtrapati Bhavan. A lush green lawn or a garden adds to the beauty of the house. The maintenance of lawns and gardens may consume a lot of time. Nevertheless, many people enjoy gardening. Here are the best things that you can gift your garden loving friends.


1.       Lawn Mowers.

A lawn mower is a machine that is used to cut the lawn at an even height. This machine looks like a very small tractor. Mowers are classified into the following types: cylinder mowers, rotary mowers, electric mowers, robotic mowers, and riding mowers. However, while gifting a mower, you should warn the person about the safety precautions that are to be taken while using a mower. A number of accidents can be caused due to mowers. They also create noise pollution.

2.       Gardening Tools.

There are a few tools that every garden must have. Some of the most essential and the most useful gardening tools are spade, hand trowel, rake, dandelion digger, loppers, bypass pruners and hand cultivator. These tools can be bought at affordable price tags.

3.       Garden Hose.

A garden hose is nothing but a pipe that is used for the water supply in the garden or the lawn. A hosepipe is attached with a sprayer or a sprinkler at its end. Hosepipes are usually made out of plastic or synthetic rubbers. While gifting a hosepipe, you must advise the receiver not to use hot water, as it spoils the pipe.

4.       Gardening Journal.

A gardening journal provides a number of tips regarding effective gardening. It provides information regarding garden planning, ways to keep the garden clean, medicines and products to be used, etc. Apart from a gardening journal, an annual subscription for a gardening magazine can also be a good choice.    

5.       Vegetable Labels.

As is obvious, vegetable labels are used for labeling the plants. These help in effective categorization and analyzing of the plants in the garden. These labels are usually made out of wood or plastic. They can be made innovative with decorative designs.

6.       A new plant.

A new plant always adds to the creativity of the garden, making it even more beautiful. So in case you are looking for an affordable gift, gifting a new plant or a sapling does calls for a smart choice.

A gift could be right, profound and meaningful if chosen properly. Every garden lover wishes to make his garden artistic and colourful. So gift your garden loving friends something that will help them enliven their gardens.



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