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How do we define intelligence or being smart? Mostly smart people are judged by their standard benchmarks like scores and grade points. Some also are judged based on their problem solving abilities. But all these types of judgments are not reliable. The grade points and a person’s abilities are not at all the indicators of intelligence.

As we all know human brain has enormous capacity to grow, learn, adapt and many more. The power and abilities of human brain is unlimited and it can be improved. Here is how to improve your brain capacity (how to become smart).

1.  Good Health – Physical exercise is quite important for health, body as well as brain. By exercising you increase the blood flow in your brain and this will bring more oxygen and glucose to your brain. So you can benefit in every way by exercising regularly. You can also maintain your health by eating healthy and nutritious food. By eating right, staying shape and getting good rest you can improve your memory and your brain performance.

2.  Good Sleep – By sleeping well and at an adequate amount you can remain quite healthy which will help your brain function better. While sleeping, your brain takes care of the process of turning the short term memories of the previous into long term. Also remember to take a light dinner before going to bed. You do not want your digestion system to stay awake digesting the food as you will not get good sleep.

3.  Nature – It has been proved that there is a certain type of bacteria found in dirt which makes us smarter by giving mycobacterium vaccae to us which will help us perform better with less anxiety and helps the thinking power. This does not mean that mean that we should start eating dirt but it simply means that we should spend more time in the nature. We can start by gardening or taking walks through the woods.

4.  Challenge – You can give some exercise to your brain by try it out some challenging exercises. Exercises like Sudoku, crossword, puzzles and other games which are based on numbers and words or even images which are brain challenging. Brain is quite complex but it needs exercise just like other parts of the body. You can even give your brain some exercise just by reading.

5.  Meditation – By meditating you can state of mental calm and be relaxed. Regular meditation improves the capacity of your brain in and incredible way.




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