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Everyone has its own tastes in reading. Whenever they plan to buy a book, they turn up to their favorite genres. There is so much to choose from in this whole world of literature. There are so many genres, each written for different and every changing moods. In this article, we will showcase some varied genres we know about books, till date.

Firstly, we will read the meaning of the word genre. It can be best described as the word used to categorize the various themes and choices we have. It is a classification of various choices and types of books we have in the world of literature. It is basically a French word, which means the classification of anything which has more than one option. So, to define genres of books, it means there are various categories of books available in the market; romance, comedy, fiction, non-fiction to name a few. Here are a few genres of books mentioned.

As I mentioned above that there are numerous options and genres available in the market already. It clearly depends on your choice. There are major two categories known in literature, they are fiction and non-fiction. We will describe a bit on both and some other genres too.

The first major and very well known genre is fiction. These all books are those which are imaginary and make-believe type, in writing. So, it is mostly that a fiction book can be inspired partly by a true story and partly by an imaginary one. Fiction books have a whole lot of sub-divisions in them. Some very popular kinds of fiction works are mentioned in the article below.

Is that an alien term for you? No! Like in movies and TV serials, there are romantic books too. Very well known print of romance books is Mills and Boons. They are very widely known and appreciated for their work and romantic books.

There are other popular subdivisions in fictional books, they are; historical fiction, science fiction, realistic fiction to name a few.

The next major popular genre of books is nonfiction. Best way to describe them? They are purely opposite of what fictional books are. Such type of genre is based on facts and figures. Made up very fewer components as compared to fictional books, these books are common kinds of writings like biographies and autobiographies dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Biographies are a detailed account of someone’s life. Well, it is not need to say that the story being written of, is some one very well known, like celebrities, politicians and such other kinds. And, certainly these books have no fictional content in them as the events are purely based on person’s life and it is not an imaginary character.

Autobiographies, on the other hand are totally opposite of what biographies are. It is again a detailed account of someone’s life but it is written by another person. It is a true story no doubt but since another person/author has written it, so it also gives a personal insight of the author.

While the other non fictional works that we know are dictionaries and encyclopedias. Before the inception of internet, people had these two major sources of information of almost anything to everything.

There are also other not so popular yet demanded genres like, poetry books, reference books, management books and many others. If we give a closer look there are many deep genres too, not a whole new category but they are like sub divisions of fiction, non fiction and reference books.



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