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The windows 8 release preview enthralled us with its vibrant colors and new features. The wait is nearly over as the general availability of Windows 8 is scheduled on October 26, 2012.

There are major changes in the graphical user interface, for a new design language (Metro) is used. But the thing which strikes the most is that there would be no start button but a start screen. As the technology progresses to the mobile PC’s and tablets, Windows 8 is greatly emphasized on touchscreen input. It has a brand new range of simple and informational apps at the touch of the fingertip. Other striking features which make windows 8 a revolution in windows OS are listed.

• It’s Faster than any other. As the Microsoft says it’s “fast and fluid”. The UI is responsive, performant, beautiful and animated. The swipe at the screen with the finger feels fluid, natural and pleasing.

• Better battery life. As the world became mobile, batteries turned out to be the lifeline of most technologies. Microsoft primarily focused on reducing memory consumption and improving battery life while still delivering a fast and fluid user experience.
Thus, WinRT and a new kind of app were born. To help extend a device’s battery life, WinRT-based apps know how to save their state instantly. Windows can throttle them down to use no CPU or memory on a moment’s notice, but without the user losing anything they’ve been working on in the app. When the app resumes, it resumes in exactly the same place it left off. To the user, it has been running all the time—but technically the program has been suspended or terminated in the background.

• Dive into the apps. Apps powered with WinRt and the “Metro” style design experience, thus making it beautiful and immersive. Whether it is the news app, social media or any game, dive into them and get totally immersed. The apps can scale from small 7″ screens to large desktop monitors to even bigger screens available.

• Tiles. Tiles are designed to deliver you the information you care about. It can be e-mail, your Facebook timeline, pictures you shared etc. All the different tiles will come together at a single click, tap or keypress. The start screen will become the dashboard of everything you care about. Windows 8 gives you the power of personalizing like none other.

Windows 8 has unlimited new features to amaze the users. With improved touch experience, it will redefine the experience of using tablets.

With windows 8 launch on Oct 26, Microsoft has confirmed the midnight launch of Windows 8 surface tablet. Seems like a double blast from the Microsoft. It has been predicted that next year tablets will outsell desktop PC’s. But will Microsoft Surface take the world by storm? Wait and watch.



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