Ganeshotsav and Social Responsibilities

During British rule before independence it was hard to gather people and create awareness in them to fight against the British cruelty hence Lokamanya Tilak came up with a plan and he invented Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav. The idea was to gather people by the name of God so that there wouldn’t be any objection from the British rule and people will come out of their houses with the fear of God. It came into force and went as planned by the Tilak; the Ganeshotsav helped a lot in the freedom fight of India. People marginally participated in the ganeshotsav and eventually in the freedom fight as per their capability. Ganeshotsav then had different social responsibilities and our ancestors made it all the way possible for us to breathe in the independent India.

ganesh-festival-2013-social-immersionAlthough the motive of the ganeshotsav has now changed, we are now celebrating it to show our respect to the Lord Ganesha and enjoy the festive season. The Ganeshotsav has now become more of a competition between groups than social gathering festival. The change in the festival motives was acceptable as the time changes the society changes and so do the views change. Motives behind the festival may be anything may it be religious, social or traditional and social responsibilities associated with the festival also change with the time.

The social responsibilities now are not so political like it was in the British rule, but they are now more concerned with the security and safety of people and the nature. Mumbai and Pune are the two cities which celebrate this festival on the biggest scale, the pollution level in these cities during the ganeshotsav rises by about 50 percent. Although this pollution never directly impacts our regular life but eventually it creates major effect through pollution of water bodies. The water pollution occurring on the last day of the ganeshotsav through immersion of POP made Ganesh idols in water bodies or in the sea. The pollution affects the aquatic animals on a huge scale and river water can cause the damage of farms.

The government has made it possible to lower the pollution level by introducing better alternative for the immersion of idols in man made water ponds instead of natural water resources. Eco-friendly ganeshotsav alternatives like using clay idols instead of POP made idols, using eco-friendly material for the decoration will help due to reduce the pollutions happening due to the festivals. Another social responsibility is to reduce the sound pollution occurring during the 10 days of the festival. The ban on using DJ and sound systems after the 10 o’clock must be strictly followed during the days.

The most important aspect to follow during the festival is to co-operate with the police as they are working day and night shifts for security of the people during the festival. Thousands of people come on the street during this festival hence Mumbai and Pune cities have been on the target of terrorist and many similar organizations. The cities have been attacked by such organization for several times and have the fear that these organization may attempt of doing such things again in such festivals. Hence it is necessary that everyone must keep our eyes and ears open during these festivals and if any suspicious activity observed then must be immediately reported to the police to stop it from happening.

Although the social motives behind the festivals have changed over the year, our responsibilities towards the festival still remain same saving our country, nature and people from any unwanted predicament. Obey your social responsibilities and have a great festive season.




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