Futuristic inventions to make our lives easier

While technology is making scientific leaps and bounds, there still remain a number of products that have not been invented but are highly anticipated. Neha Mathrani takes a look at some inventions that would fill a great need in our everyday lives.

Portable instant teleportation devices:

Transport comes with more than its fair share of accidents, a large cause for the loss of life across the globe.Instant teleportation devices would effectively eliminate all need for conventional forms of transport, and in turn bring down transport accidents to zero. In addition, travel time would be next to nothing, instant teleportation taking no time at all! You’d be wherever you need to be in a jiffy in case of any emergency. Traffic jams would no longer remain an excuse to be late for anything because being late would be a thing of the past! Extra points, if the teleportation device was portable and could be made part of our mobile phones, eliminating the problems ofpurchasingvehicles, finding places to park them and fuel efficiency!

Instant translator device

With over a thousand official languages within India, and three to six thousand languages across the globe, an instant translator is a device that is much in demand. If it could be attached to our laptops and mobile phones then we’d never come across a website we didn’t understand anymore. The language barrier that arises during travel would be done away with and awkward business meetings or social engagements in different language settings would no longer be as awkward. You’d always know exactly how to ask for directions, you would know exactly what you were eating and you’d always know what warning signs in foreign languages were saying. No more faux pas due to misinterpretations! What an idea!

Mobile phones that work everywhere:

Mobile phones still don’t work in a lot of places, due to issue like network coverage, electrical interference etc. What needs to be invented is a mobile phone that works everywhere! They should work in tunnels, underwater, on aeroplanes, inside elevators and everywhere else, wherever you are in the world. Only when mobile phones can work everywhere will they be truly convenient.

A house cleaning robot:

As modern conveniences are creeping into our houses slowly but surely, we have machines that perform all sorts of cleaning activities around the house. There are washers-driers to wash and dry our clothes, dishwashers to clean our cutlery, crockery and vessels, vacuum cleaners for our floors and carpets. But what if we could have one robot that did it all and more? This concept is not new, it’s been featured on shows like The Jetsonsto movies like Star Warsbut we still do not have an integrated housecleaning robot. It would do the dusting, wash the clothes and the dishes, do the vacuuming, polishing, gardening and maybe even the cooking! Now, wouldn’t you treat a hardworking robot like that like part of the family?



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