Almost as thin and light as an Ultrabook, this 13.3 inches laptop, being totally light weighted is the best option open for professionals if they desire an attractive, stylish and fully featured and a powerful device to work on. It includes a built in DVD burner, a built in optical drive and many other unique yet powerful connectivity features. One of the unique accessories it contains is a projector unit which is one of the most innovative and sought for accessories which can be provided in laptops.


SH771 looks very captivating due to the matte texture. This matte texture is the first thing which will catch your eyes and sets a standard for its amazing quality. The build quality of the laptop’s base makes it pretty strong. The hinges which support the screen from both sides are stiff enough which would give you the hang of keeping the laptop according to your desired angle. The base of the laptop has a graphite texture which sparkles and shimmers, not that strong and sparkly to the eye but in a very sober and subtle manner. Having blue dichromatic lights at the base, the keys of this laptop are very attractive to look at.  Being spill resistant, the keys are very comfortable and soft to use. You do not have to press the keys as hard as you would have to do while working on other laptops and they are in a chiclet layout. Considering the battery rundown test, this laptop could be called decent but not spectacular, as it lasts only for 3 hours and 36 minutes when the power management is shut off, the wii fii is enabled and the screen brightness is to its maximum. But the laptop would work for a good 5 hours if only web browsing and word processing tasks are done with medium screen brightness. It also has a sensor which detects excessive movements and stops the drive automatically so that no important data is lost and damaged. The lifebook is ideal for office work and multimedia tasks because of its core processor which makes processing in the laptop pretty fast and effective. The build quality of the notebook is very solid and tough with a very elegant look to it, which could please anyone and everyone.

As everything has its cons to it, the matte texture of this ultra book is not all good nes as with prolonged usage the lid and chassis will show off a lot of fingerprints. Also a lot of attention and care has to be given to protect the screen and lid from any scratches as they are pure matted and if not take care of, its stylish and elegant look might actually disappear with time. Graphics are handled by the integrated Intel HD 3000 adapter and therefore this notebook is not at all designed for gaming. The DVD coversion times are a little slower in this laptop because of a lot of pre loaded software that runs all the time in the background. The LED screen looks very harsh, thus contradicting the subtle and elegant look of this notebook. The air vent should not be blocked at all and at any cost while you are working on the laptop keeping it on your lap because the underside of the notebook can get real warm when the CPU is on a hard task. Yet, at the end, this notebook is very refined and good looking in texture and built. Completely comfortable to use, it is designed with extensive care and detail, and thus ends up being little heavy on pockets for the average user.

Fujitsu Lifebook SH771 specifications (features)

  • Intel Core i5 processor
  • Intel GD Graphics 3000
  • Windows 7 OS
  • 13.3 inches of LED-Backlit LCD screen with a resolution of 1366*768
  • 4GB RAM
  • 750 GB Hard Disk
  • Weight 1.2 kg
  • USB 2.0 (*2), USB 3.0




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