Fuel Friendly Ways…

We learnt about the importance of “Saving Fuel” almost around the same time we learnt to ride a bicycle. We are even aware of what we need to do in order to be frugal users. But over the years we either get careless or too busy to bother about these issues. However, with reserves depleting and prices rising, both at an ALARMING rate, conservation of fuel has become the need of the hour. Following are some quick reminders of how this can be done.

Size matters
Use an appropriately sized vehicle. Maximise the use of two wheelers and smaller cars where a small group of commuters is involved. For large groups, try carpooling and sharing vehicles to prevent over-usage.

Look for Alternatives
Once a week, or even once a month, use an alternate means of transport. You could walk short distances, use a bicycle for slightly longer distances and use public transport for the really long ones. But avoid using private transport.. just for that ONE day!

Get your car checked and cleaned regularly, so that it doesn’t unnecessarily guzzle excessive fuel. A PUC certified vehicle will not only consume less fuel, but will also save you from a fine of Rs 1000! Also, keep a periodic check on the air pressure in the tyres. A tyre containing less than required air offers extra resistance while driving, thereby using up more fuel.

The 35 second rule
If the traffic signal shows 35 seconds or more of waiting time, turn your engine off. You may wonder how such a short while could account for anything… but every signal counts!

Spread the word
Encourage others to employ these measures as much as possible. After all, it’s in each one’s own interest!



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