Friends Checklist

A list of the ‘types’ of friends you should definitely invest in.
Read on to see which ones you already have.

1. The Secret Keeper:
You ‘ve got family issues, personal problems, that weird rash you can’t tell anybody about?? This is the first person you call in any of these situations. This friend is not gender specific and really, no rules of length of friendship or physical proximity apply.This friend could even be a pen pal for that matter!

2. The Competition:
This buddy will keep you on your toes. Be it professional excellence or the perfect 10 bod..he/she will make sure you re on you’re A game all the time. But at the end of the day, whoever wins, you always celebrate together!

3. The Family Friend:
You meet this one through family. Maybe your parents hung out in college or your families met on vacation. They make all your family dos fun and sufferable.The best thing is, if you ever want permission to go out, use THIS NAME. If its ok with THEIR parents, yours wouldn’t object.

4. The Fashionista:
Got an important date or a job interview? This is the friend who will tell you to your face if you look like a goof. The friend need not be a gay designer type or a la-di-dah socialite. As long as they let you know those pants don’t fit right.

5. The Emergency Date:
You ‘re single but you need a partner for those salsa lessons. Or you need help picking out a gift for your significant other. Enter the platonic friend of the opp. gender! This gal-pal or guy-bud will offer views from the other planet. But otherwise, this friend is the usual back-slapping friend who doesn’t care two hoots about what people think when you hang out together. You shouldn’t too.



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  1. Gautam Mahajan says:

    And what category do I come under?? :P

  2. This is a “FRIENDS” list.dont make me say it.

  3. Gautam Mahajan says:

    lol like it or not..we ARE friends..:P

  4. I know what I am! Great going, kiddo! Muah!

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