Five Ways to Sharpen Your Sense of Humor

Humor is an art of making people laugh with certain puns and provide amusement. In all ages humor was considered a very important thing in a man. In today’s world, a humorous person always gets a stand among the others. He is well accepted by his peers and gains a lot of popularity. It also helps the person feel healthy and fresh as he feels light from inside. It is to be kept in mind that humor is never an inherited trait. It is an art which one has to pick up and hone it to be become humorous. Thus, in today’s world, in order to improve any relationship humor is required. Therefore, the five ways to sharpen one’s humor

  • The initial step towards sharpening one’s sense of humor is to start mixing with humorous people. This creates a lot of influence on those who want to strengthen their humor. This sharpens their mind and helps them think the wacky way.
  •  Following this, one should start reading up jokes and comics linked with humor. This will allow them to stare it with their peers and soon it will culminate into a habit and then it will start coming naturally. Try sticking cartoons and funny messages on the bulletin boards of your room and fridge. Thus, whenever you are in a bad mood, you can stare at all these images and fee better. Also, keep in mind to keep the humor clean. No one enjoys jokes that are racist, filthy or sexist. This will eventually rebound and people will avoid you. Thus, learn to differentiate between earthy and filthy humor.
  •  It is also essential to evoke humor in all relationships one shares. This tends to lighten up the situation and eventually, one tends to spot humor in every situation. People will be attracted to you and it will make relationships better and richer.  People will eventually begin enjoying your company.
  •  Learn to laugh at yourself. Not many people can laugh at themselves as they are insecure. So before others can laugh at you, start laughing at your own mistake. This will make the others overlook your mistake and you will be saved.
  •  Try using to humor to neutralize situations. You will be well appreciated for it. This will not only lighten up the conflict, but also save relationships from getting spoilt. People will dote on you for your humor and soon you will be able to master it.



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