Finding your natural running stride

Do you think you are bad at running and get nightmares about yourself being personified as a tortoise when it comes to running?  Well if you think that running is about how sporty, healthy and strong you are then probably you are wrong somewhere. This simply means that you haven’t yet discovered you natural stride for running!

Your natural pace for running is not only decided by how robust and athletic you are but also by the way you run. There are some techniques which must be kept in mind while you are running which will make running faster, simpler and easier for you. So don’t judge your running stride by just looking at your capability to run as an amateur. Rather get an insight into the running techniques mentioned below, try implementing them while running and then discover your natural running stride. You will be astonished to know that your running stride is actually faster than ever before:

pace on a flat ground.

Pay attention to the way you breathe. Never breathe from your mouth. Breathe from your nose and keep a constant gradual rate Don’t bind yourself in any form while running: Run bare foot to ascertain your ideal running pace. Wear most comfortable clothes and let yourself free while running.

The moment you began running barefoot, you will notice that your foot directly lands on your forefoot/midfoot rather than on your heels. This is the most natural and proficient way to run. When you run in this way, your heels will settle on the ground gradually and slowly, thus reducing the overall burden on your feet and knee.

A mid foot strike or forefoot strike leads to lower impact forces thus reducing the probability of knee or foot injuries. Also a heel strike will stress your injuries, especially your fractures, plantar fasciitis, and your knee.

Don’t be scared to increase your running speed. Try running at the highest possible and comfortable speed that you can.

Try running at an incline. Don’t incline too much, just incline enough to give you a natural push which will help you run at natural of your breathing cycles.

Forefoot striking will not only prevent you from straining injuries or reducing your vulnerability to getting injured but it also fortifies muscles in your foot thus decreasing your accountability to develop a distorted arch.

Also running barefoot is very beneficial.  It has been found that running barefoot requires 5% less energy than running with some footwear, simply because you free your body and feet from bearing the weight of your footwear.

Never overstride i.e. let your feet land up in front of your hips. This will increase stress to the calf muscles, Achilles tendon and arch of the foot.

Paying heed to these guidelines will surely help you find your natural running stride. So get, set and go for running while implementing these guidelines and you will find yourself running like a horse and your tortoise nightmares will be vanished in a wink of an eye.



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