Features of iPhone 4S with iOS 5

Some say iPhone 4S with iOS 5 (new apple operating system) is the best apple phone so far. This phone is a new and improved version of the old iPhone, which will keep you playing with it for hours. Here are the features of iPhone 4S with iOS 5.


Siri is the personal assistant that will come with iPhone 4S. In order to activate Siri, you can push and hold the home button on your phone until you hear the tone. Then you can ask her a question. You can ask Siri any type of enquiry such as finding the nearest hospitals or restaurants. You can also compose a text message by reading it to her or call someone by saying the name. There are numerous applications to Siri and you can basically manage your phone through Siri in any way you want.

Better Camera

The camera on the iPhone 4S is much better and improved. This camera comes with a powerful flash, which makes it possible to take pictures even in the dark. The 8 megapixel camera with a shoot HD video is a new level of mobile phone cameras. You can even crop, edit and remove redeye and many more in your iPhone 4S. Also you can use the volume button to take a picture, which has made this phone much more convenient for photo shooting.


iMessage is another feature of iPhone 4S which allows you to message other iOS 5 users from your iPhone free of cost. You can even check if your message has been delivered, if the person has read your message and if the person is typing back. You can use normal text messages for those in your contact list who are not iOS 5 users. You can also install Twitter for your iPhone app which gives you another great feature of this phone, which is Twitter integration.

Text Formatting

In iPhone 4S you can select your text and cut, copy, paste and also format your text with bold, underline or italics.

Notification Bar

By swiping down your finger from the clock on the screen of your iPhone 4S you can view all your notifications such as weather, calendar, Facebook notifications, tweets, reminders, text messages, emails and many more, all of these placed just in one screen.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5 is an amazing smart phone and it has all the features that a person would want from a Smartphone.




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