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Fashion magazines have been an imperative part of the media industry. And, why wouldn’t it be? After all, the entire fashion world seems to reside in them like its natives and spread around the spicy new trends as the only staple available in market. In this modern era, there is a plethora of fashion magazines available and the cherry on the cake suggests, for both genders. Let us check out some famous fashion magazines now.

Men’s Fashion Magazines:

It goes without saying that women’s fashion series is still in a relatively higher demand than men’s, but it cannot be ignored that the latter is catching up pretty fast these days. Magazines like Esquire, Complex, Arena Homme Plus and so on, are utterly famous among men’s fashionable breed. Diving a little deeper, we see:

Arena Homme Plus: – With an absolutely breathtaking photography, it is one of the leading issues that offers a profound coverage on men’s fashion. Published twice a year, considering both fashion seasons, it is an oversized version of fashion magazine.

GQ: – Gentleman’s Quarterly is one of the most sought after magazines in the United States. Issued a 12 times in a year, it is known for providing country-specific copies. Not entirely fashion oriented though, yet covers some stupendous fashion shots that are worth catching up.

Vogue Home International: – A production of Conde Nast Publications, it also possesses a sister publication called L’Uomo Vogue. Highly fashion oriented, it has an added fashion essence by virtue of its “easy-comprehension” feature.

Women’s Fashion Magazines:

There’s nothing that’s required to say about how religiously women follow fashion magazines. So, keeping the same track record, markets are flooded with women’s fashion magazines today. Peeping into the same market,

Fashion: – With a specificity of target market as the style conscious and elite women, Fashion is a perfect magazine to meet one’s fashion trends and news from international to local stature.

Vogue: – Vogue is a unique combination of fashion cum lifestyle tips and news. It is one of the most talked about fashion magazines around the world today. With open appeals to youth about contemporary fashion and sexuality, it gained it a huge demand in the near past.

Seventeen: – Seventeen is a Japanese monthly fashion magazine, especially designed for teenage girls. Highly admired by the teenage models, Seventeen has been helping a lot of girls endorse them and subsequently get their first covetous break.

Happie Nuts: – Happie Nuts wins its limelight majorly because of its orientation in the direction of dark skin complexion and “older-sister girl”. It is highly liked by the girls in their late teens.

Fashion Forward: – Fashion Forward is a unique fashion magazine that covers variant aspects and issues on global fashion. It has also captured a lot of readers by merit of amazing interviews that flip among its pages.

Elle: – Elle is an encapsulating fashion journal that reflects tip to toe of style and beauty and also talks about different personality and lifestyle agendas at a stretch.

So, grab your favourite one today and let the already enchanting readership increase, courtesy “You”.




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