Fashion for Girls in Monsoons

It rains cats and dogs during the monsoons. Along with other little worries, one thing that fails to ease the nerves of the youngsters is- “What do I wear?”…

Monsoons create greenery all over. So, earthly colours and the season of rains go hand in hand. Here are a few things the youngsters can try to experiment with fashion and monsoons…

1. Fabrics
Fabrics like chiffon, linen and synthetic cotton are recommended by the experts. Cotton is very slow when it comes to drying. It doesn’t dry off easily, so one must avoid wearing cotton clothes. Stick to lighter clothes. Fabrics like chiffon, linen and synthetic cotton are recommended by the experts. Linen fabrics stay wet for a longer time and are likely to get crushed easily.


2. Colours
Veteran designers and fashion experts suggest one must stick to dark earthly colours like green, blue, black and brown. These colours avoid transparency, which remains a main concern for the young girls. Bright colours add up to the look, thus making one look fresh. Though orange and yellow are initially summer colours, their brighter shades boost the look.


3. Style
Monsoon is not meant for traditional look. Girls should keep it short and simple. Short is sweet, and knee length skirts would vouch for that. Knee-length Carpi pants with dark t shirts call for a trendy combination. These capris help avoid the unwanted mud. Denims must be avoided, since they soak in water and become heavy. They take a lot of time to dry. Cropped pants look classy when teamed up with a funky t shirt.


4. Hair style
Hair styles should be kept simple. Tying up the hair in a bun or a pony tail is the easiest hair style. Pixie cut and bob cut are best suitable hair cuts for this season. Too many complications in the hair style can spoil the hair and lead to its breakage. Short is sweet is the rule here. Shorter the length of the hair, the easier are they to maintain during monsoons.


5. Footwear
Plastic boots always help for the footwear. The plastic ballerina shoes with pores are perfect for the rains. They are stylish and durable. On the other hand, leather shoes can get spoilt very easily. Plastic slippers and sandals are suitable for monsoons. One should avoid wearing socks as they not only disturb the comfort, but also help the feet smell bad.


6. Makeup
Makeup must be minimum and water proof. Too much of makeup is likely to cause a bad looking face. It should be kept natural. The cosmetics and the water together spoil the face, changing its colour.


7. Umbrellas and rain coats
Not to forget, in the end, classy umbrellas and jackets are most important. Bright shades in rain coats, jackets and umbrellas go with everything. A variety of prints are available in umbrellas. Bright colours in umbrellas are catchy and stylish. Rain coats have a distinguished variety. Some rain coats have a formal look, while the others can be worn as sports jackets. Ponchos protect the dress in the most effective way.


So set yourself free this monsoon and experiment all these styles. Fashion and rains can very well go together hand in hand.




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