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Dogs have been man’s pet for 1000s of years now. They are best known for their loyalty and love. Dogs make the most affectionate pets one could every have and that’s why may be a dog is called man’s best friend.  Their melting, droopy eyes can melt the hearts of all dog lovers in an instant! The relationship between humans and dogs is well-known. If you love dogs and not a single day goes without a warm lick given by them in appreciation for the love that you shower on them, then you need to check out some interesting facts about dogs given below. This can brief you with many things you may not be aware about these lovable animals! Read on to know about interesting dog facts.

Dogs vary greatly, from breed to breed. Dogs mature by six months. The smaller breed usually matures before the larger one. Female dogs have a period of six to twelve days approximately twice a year when they are ready to mate. This is known as the season of heat. Puppies are born sixty-three days later. An average litter has three to six puppies.

Puppies are born helpless. They are blind and can not stand. They sleep ninety percent of the day and the other ten percent is spent nursing. Their eyes open about 13- 15 days after birth. Between 4- 10 weeks puppies get attached to their mother and siblings. Puppies should not be separated from their mothers until they are eight weeks old. New puppies should be taken to a veterinarian for a physical examination and to be given vaccinations. Puppies should be feed three times a day. They should have plenty of fresh drinking water. Dogs should get exercise. Dogs need a clean sleeping box. Outdoor dogs need shelter from the cold, rain, and sun. Indoor dogs must be taken outside regularly for elimination. You can find out the type of your dog with its behavior. Dogs with short coats need to be brushed once a week. Long haired dogs need daily grooming. Small dogs usually live twelve or more years while larger dogs have a shorter lifespan. Most dogs reflect a shade of green in their eyes but also show a shade of orange or red at times. Dogs definitely have better vision at nighttime as compared to humans. This is because of a special layer that reflects the light, which is right behind their retinas. When you speak about maturity, a dog that is merely one year old can have the physical maturity of a 15-year-old human being. A dog can take around ten to thirty breaths in a minute.

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell but that is nothing new! They can even distinguish different ingredients.

Obesity is not the only problem faced by humans, today; dogs also face this health problem. Most of the pet owners all over the world always sign their dog’s name on a greeting card along with the rest of the family names. I sure do hope you have enjoyed reading about these fun and interesting facts about dogs. I could never have enough of these loyal and loving animals! Let’s hope humans also shower loads of love and care on them, always.




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