Facebook Messenger App with Locations and Read Receipts

Gone are the days when you could just ignore a friend’s message. Facebook updated its mobile messenger app in order to give the users more information on the location of the person they are chatting with and if they are reading the message or ignoring it. They can also see your exact location through GPS coordinates which means if you ignore a friend’s message they will not come to know about but they will know where you were with your mobile device when you did so.

These updates were launched on last Friday and they available for both iOS as well as Android devices that have Facebook Messaging app.

The Facebook messaging application is different from the facebook app that you might already have on your mobile device. You can message people from the facebook app but these updates so far are only for the messenger application of facebook only. However Facebook will be implementing this update to the main app as well as the website in future.

So how does it work?

Location – when you send a message while chatting through facebook messenger app a mobile icon appears under your text which gives you information on where you and your mobile device is. In order to track down exactly where a person is, you can click on the GPS icon on the right side of the message which will show the locations of the sender at the time of sending the message.

Read Receipts – This feature will display if the person you are chatting with checked your message or he/she simply ignored it.

It is possible to remove the location feature from your messenger app by removing your City name and your GPS setting but you cannot remove the read receipt feature as it is permanent to the facebook app.



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