Facebook in talks to buy WhatsApp

facebookThe most popular mobile online messenger, WhatsApp may soon become yet another high profile purchase by Facebook. Facebook is trying its best to acquire the mobile platform. According to a report in Techcrunch, Facebook is in talks to acquire WhatsApp which is an extremely popular cross-platform paid messaging service.

Facebook messenger, a full- fledged mobile application is not very popular among the mobile users. People continue to use WhatsApp or other mobile instant messengers.

WhatsApp is a multi-platform application that provides the user to text, share images, videos and other files easily. It boasts of over 100 million daily users and delivers over billion messages per day. It is used by over 750 networks across the world. On the other hand, Facebook has over 1 billion active users.

The two services are quite different when it comes to business models. Facebook is a free service and depends on advertisements whereas WhatsApp is a paid service. The social network has been criticized for its weak business model and its inability to takeover mobile platform.

The Social- Networking Company has acquired photo sharing company Instagram for 1 billion dollars. It is its most high profile acquisition till date. The move has been criticized by the privacy advocates who say that it will invade users’ privacy.





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