Facebook Android App Reads Your Text Messages

Like numerous other firms and apps on Android smartphone, Facebook reads and collects private data through your text messages. A study has revealed that the Facebook android app can read your text messages, view your contacts, find your location and see who you are calling. This app can even get the details of other online accounts such as emails and email addresses.


All these have been mentioned in the terms and conditions while installation of an app on a smartphone but no one really pays attention to the policies.

Facebook has also admitted the fact that they access to private data but they have said that they only read the texts as they are trying to launch their own messaging service. Some of the other companies that access personal and private data of smartphone users are as follows:

  • Flickr.com (photo sharing site)
  • Badoo (dating site)
  • Foursquare
  • Yelp
  • Yahoo messenger

Some apps are capable of allowing such companies to intercept phone calls, operate the smartphones, operate the smartphone camera and take photos or record videos.

What would you think this private data is used for? Well there can be many reasons behind it but one these are for advertising purposes. Advertisers can target their market by knowing about these people personally.

All in all there are around 400,000 apps that can be downloaded and used on smartphones and each of these apps could be a spying program on your personal data. You should know that it is important to read the policies and terms of each app thoroughly.

You have no idea what information these apps are collecting from you.When I started to read the policies of a few small games that I have on my mobile, I came to know that the company has access to my personal data, text messages, contact numbers, my location and many more. I do not want to be a victim of this information gathering giants as I do not know what they use this information for.




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