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Everyone today is Familiar with the terms Facebook and twitter. The purpose of the two is helping the world to connect through different ways. Some of you are learners while some can use them effectively.

Apart from the daily buzz Facebook and Twitter sever the purpose of   e-learning and inspires many students to learn.

As a result, the question arrives How can we use Facebook & twitter for educational purposes?

There are a certain applications in Facebook which serves the purpose.

Slide Share

You can create and share presentations on Facebook. At the same time you can add documents.


You can create flashcards to help you study on Facebook.


You can use information relevant to your course and share it with your other learner friends.

Mathematical Formulae

As a teacher you can distribute the mathematical formulae to your students and they can use them even if they have not added the application.


You can do research, catalog your library’s collection and share it with others.

Quiz Monster

Create your own quiz Facebook application.

Study Groups

You can quickly and easily collaborate your classmates and discuss the courses.


Share your old testes, quizzes and study guides with other students.

If you are interested to explore how you can use Facebook for  e-learning you can join the Facebook group “Facebook for e-learning”.

Talking about Facebook there is more to the list, where as twitter does not lack behind in serving educational purposes.

Twitter could be used for classroom teaching.

  • Summarize topics- view as tweets
  • Really simple story- tweetstory
  • Collate classroom views
  • Twitter could be a guidebook for teachers, and they can project brainstorming sessions for their students..
  • Atlas- Audio files of Twitter can be used in school…Great stuff!!

If we move away from the casual purpose of these social sites, we may come across a variety of purposes served by them. It’s just a matter of interest!



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