Exploiting the Myth

2012 is here and we are very close to finding out if the predictions of Nostradamus and the ancient Mayan Calendar about the end of the world is true. We all think about it and even though we say to our friends and family that it is not going to happen, deep down inside there is always a “What if” chasing you around.

During the past few years since we have been getting closer to the year 2012, we have seen various movies and read many books about end of the world, Armageddon and many more titles out of which the latest one was the movie 2012. Nostradamus had also made a prediction that earth would be destroyed and the human race would end by a comet strike in July 1999, which did not occur. Even a few years before 1999 there were many movies and books on a similar type of topic.

As we all know, 2012 end of the world has become one of the hottest topics to talk about and it keeps coming up everywhere you go. This is because it is not only the people who talk about it; it is the media as well. But after all we should keep in mind that it is just a myth, at least for now. Ok, you might ask me what about the Mayan calendar that ends in 2012. Well, The Mayan civilization existed from 250 to 900 A.D. and there have been discoveries of many Mayan calendars but the longest one was till 2012. As you see they never predicted any thing called as dooms day in 2012. They just did not write any more calendar as it was just not required to so after a thousand years. It is just a numerical coincidence.

I personally feel that all this types of myths are being exploited by the media and publishers in order to get more readers and audience as a way to increase the number of their sales and profit. Myths and legends have always been subjected to be misused by media and its commercialism. It is all about creating a mega-audience (an audience which will include people from all over the world) and getting money out of them. Once 2012 passes another myth will come up or will be created in a few years to do the same old routine. Well of course this is my opinion and we cannot really find out for sure until 21st December 2012, I guess. Feel free to comment!




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