Ethics of a Live-in Relationship

According to dictionary, “Ethics is a branch of moral philosophy, which involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong behavior.” In the dawn of the 21st century, a lot of discrepancy has roused regarding the concept of ‘live-in relationships.’ Thus, India is one of those countries which is at a snail’s pace opening its doors for western thoughts and lifestyles. And one of the most crucial chapters among them all is the concept of live-in relationships.

Though people are still of the view point that it is against the age old customs and traditions for man and woman to reside under the same roof without the institution of marriage. They feel it is a degeneration of the moral ethos. The irony is even though people tell that it is against the Indian tradition to go for live in relationships, Lord Krishna and Radha were engaged in live in relationship.

What exactly is this concept all about? Basically, live in relationship is an arrangement via which two adults decide to live under the same roof for a long term basis. For today’s youth, they don’t believe in the trial on error method of knowing each other after marriage. For divorcees are still not given a proper position on today’s world. So why take a chance, when one can live happily ever after, after giving it a try before marriage. People feel, “it is better to have a live in relationship, rather than having a divorced life”. Live in relationship is now being hailed as a pragmatic move for it is easy to move out of a live in relationship unlike a marriage.

Most couples are attacked by family members. This is basically a subtle hint to the societal taboo against pre-marital sex. People feel that if woman loses her virginity before marriage, she might be rejected by other men and her existence would be quite harrowing. Though, in today’s world live in relationships are quite common, but people are still prejudiced against it. They feel it is a sinful act to go against the institution of marriage.

Though many critics have termed it as promiscuity, there is prevalence of live in relationships among many of the tribal clans in India. We may term them as primitives, but their society is much more modern and flexible than ours. Survey shows that most men who have opted for a live in relationship have experienced ultimate freedom and has grown matured enough to respect others beliefs and values and not trespass their boundaries.

When two individuals are in love with each other and want to move in to a house to know each other better, the bonding grows stronger and the emotional attachment increases. Although social scientists have shown some concern towards the men involved in live in relationships. They are of the view point that what if the men do not turn out to be loyal at the end of the day, what will happen to the woman involved? Taking in account the conservative nature of the Indian society where arranged marriage is always given the priority, will the woman be accepted? Like it has been mentioned above, the whole society revolves around the basic foundation of the woman’s virginity. It is the symbol of how pure she is. She might be of a very bad nature, but her trademark is the hymen knot which is still intact and undisturbed by any stranger.

In situations that revolve around couples of homosexual nature, they might never get married for the society shall never accept them. It would make their existence more grotesque. These are some of the rare situations of a live in relationship where the couple is unable to tie the knot due to the pressure of the society. It is still considered a blasphemy by the Indian society to have children. In olden times there would be a problem with the inheritance of property for the fathers would disown their children if they committed such acts. Nowadays things are very liberal for the youth’s decision is backed by the government.

It is still better not to get pregnant while engaged in such relationships. It is essential to use birth control pills and condoms during sexual intimacy. It is much more joyful and satisfying to get married on will rather than for the fact that you got pregnant. Moreover, the kids do well if they are born post marriage and everything is well planned rather than occurring out of a mistake. Whether you are married or not when you become a parent, your family will be strongest if it is fully intentional.

It is vital to talk with people who have been married for a long period. They will be able to give proper advice and suggestion regarding the institution of marriage. They will be able to clear all your doubts regarding marriage and also share about the problems they had face and still face. Thus, the insights of a long term marriage can provide a good reality check.

However, even live-in relationships come under the inspection of the moral contingent leaving very little options left to the couples actually staying together. So nothing in this world is left with privacy. Every step one takes is guided by the scornful eyes of the elders. When will this end? Everyone has the right to live and enjoy freedom. For some people live in relationships is a form of freedom. The elders have no right to deny them of their right. Thus, to offer justice, plenty of laws have come up. These by and large provide justice to the people who are engaged in the live in relation. Therefore, this concept is rooting up day by day and strongly requires legal support.



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