Erratic, Contemporary Stress Relieving Ideas for Body and Soul

stress-relieving-ideasI came across an intelligent quote by someone, but I don’t remember his name but I do remember what he said, “It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.” And yes that’s absolutely a true statement, we all experience stress from time to time in our life and when the stress gets to be too much it can easily influence on our health and happiness. Stress often affects our lives subliminally and can easily result in altering our inner peace along with our physical health. You may find thousands of stress relievers in the market offering you hundred percent stress-relieved life and complete package of happiness thereafter. But accept the fact; we all know that there are no such stress relievers or strategies which can work as a panacea to bring in stress relieved life.

Although I can’t assure 100 % cure from stress, but from personal experience I can assure you infinitesimal relief from your all time stressed life. These small but certainly beneficial tactics will help you get back to your normal old life, or may enable you to get rid of stress for permanent from your life.

stress-relieving-musicUltimate rescuer – Music
It is very common to feel overwhelmed by stressful conditions and situations, it may be in office at home or anywhere, music is the easiest ways to enable your mind to take a break from stressful allegations from situations. Music can be of any sort as per your own shoe. From calm soothing symphony to hard rock metal whatever suits you best is highly advised. Music directly influences your brain and takes your mind off from other stressful things that are going on around you. Numerous companies and industries are now-a-days opting for the company culture which allows their employee to work while listening to music and that has benefited multitudes to increase their productivity.

Although experts suggest that playing calm music has a positive effect on the body as well as the brain which significantly helps you to reduce blood pressure and cortisol (A hormone associated to stress) in your body and takes you to the foundation of calmness. If you are someway closer to the ocean or river, soothing sound of water is most recommended to make your stress fly away from your head.

stress-relieving-playPlaying with your stress
Doctors and experts do say that meditation, exercise, prayer, yoga and if necessary medication etc are the best stress relievers, but these aren’t the best stress relievers. Playing, doesn’t matter what you play, is the best stress reliever as it takes your mind of other things very easily. Sheldon Cooper, the ultimate genius of the television couldn’t stop himself of playing games and if possible creating one for himself. There is no direct connection stress and games or playing but games are always proclaimed as the greatest distractions of all time. This works as the proverb says only diamond can cut a diamond. Playing games online, offline will surely distract you from your stressful job, life or work. Let’s just stop playing with your body and mind with various diagnostics and medicines and start playing with your stress to burst it out of your mind.

Stress is unavoidable part of everyone’s life more aptly it is a consequence of life which has its genesis associated to many superfluous situations of our life. We can’t stop things from happening but we surely alter the future consequences of them resulting into stress by removing the word from our dictionary. Above all the stress relieving ideas lays the best solution of all- Peace of Mind. Once you capture your mind it is very easy to capture your stress and control it.



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